Swim North West Masters. Blackpool, February 2022

Kath and Lindsey took to the water in Blackpool this weekend at the Swim North West Masters.

2022 is a special year of opportunity for Kath and Lindsey as they have both entered new age groups – another raft of records to chase.

Lindsey Gowland instantly managed to grab her first for her new age group, breaking the British record for 50 m freestyle 65yrs + (subject to ratification) with a time of 32.04s. For her decathlon, Lindsey completed a 400m freestyle in 6.08 and a 100 back in 1:33.32 before her record breaking swim!

Kath did a very creditable 1500m in 24:23.30, setting 400m, 800m and 1500m Staffs and Midlands records along the way (subject to ratification).

p.s. I must tell you I swam this and every other ‘longer swim’ like a true sprinter: 1450 m arms and kicked for the last 50! 

KAth, after her 1500m record-breaking swim

Congratulations Kath and Lindsey! They are both hoping more of us will join them racing again soon, but until then we’ll continue to celebrate their achievements in the pool.

Lindsey taking things very seriously in Blackpool

Kath’s 70 = 2022 challenge begins. Carlisle, 11 February 2022

Kath has already opened her race card for 2022 in style. In her words, from the Carlisle Aquatics Open Masters Short Course Meet:

Some may already know but as part of my 70 = 2022 challenges I am attempting to set every 70+ record for Staffs. This challenge began on 11 February when I travelled to Carlisle. I wasn’t feeling great and it was a tricky decision whether to go … or not! Anyway I did manage a 400 IM (not pretty but finished…legally). I now realise that my extremely sluggish swim will also get me a Midlands record as one doesn’t exist at present.

The next swim session didn’t start till Saturday afternoon, by which time my health had deteriorated and I really didn’t feel well. I decided to just try to get my next two events done … somehow!

Here’s the shocker!

The first of the two was the 200 fly! Well, as it’s an absolutely unforgiving event even at the best of times, it certainly was ‘beyond me’. I stopped on the 4th length. I’ve never done that before and hope I never will in the future. I did complete a 200 Breast an hour or so later.

On my return I was properly ill for a week.

Kath, we hope you are back to full health! Good luck with your 70 = 2022 challenge; we look forward to cheering you through all those Staffs records and much, much more!