Kath’s 70 = 2022 challenge begins. Carlisle, 11 February 2022

Kath has already opened her race card for 2022 in style. In her words, from the Carlisle Aquatics Open Masters Short Course Meet:

Some may already know but as part of my 70 = 2022 challenges I am attempting to set every 70+ record for Staffs. This challenge began on 11 February when I travelled to Carlisle. I wasn’t feeling great and it was a tricky decision whether to go … or not! Anyway I did manage a 400 IM (not pretty but finished…legally). I now realise that my extremely sluggish swim will also get me a Midlands record as one doesn’t exist at present.

The next swim session didn’t start till Saturday afternoon, by which time my health had deteriorated and I really didn’t feel well. I decided to just try to get my next two events done … somehow!

Here’s the shocker!

The first of the two was the 200 fly! Well, as it’s an absolutely unforgiving event even at the best of times, it certainly was ‘beyond me’. I stopped on the 4th length. I’ve never done that before and hope I never will in the future. I did complete a 200 Breast an hour or so later.

On my return I was properly ill for a week.

Kath, we hope you are back to full health! Good luck with your 70 = 2022 challenge; we look forward to cheering you through all those Staffs records and much, much more!

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