Batonbearer for the Commonwealth Games!

One of our own!

Huge congratulations to Lionel Spittle, one of the Batonbearers for the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay.

Lionel has raised £7,000 for The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of his beloved wife Linda. To commemorate five years of losing her to a tumour, and to mark his 65th birthday, Lionel undertook his remarkable 65 Challenge.

This saw him swim 65 lengths of WV Active Central Baths pool, where he also works as a lifeguard, cycle 65 miles, then run 65 laps of Aldersley Stadium to raise money for the charity.

But the fundraising doesn’t stop there. Next year, to mark his 70th birthday and 10 years since losing Linda, Lionel will be facing a Relay Channel Challenge with friends (and other club members) to swim the English Channel. The feat will again raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity along with Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

You can cheer on Lionel and many other Batonbearers as the Queen’s Baton Relay hits the streets of Wolverhampton on Sunday July 24.

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